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A component combines JavaScript and HyperText Markup Language to display a small piece of the larger UI. Top 5 front end developer interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates. Top 5 React.js developer interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates.

front end react engineer

Between 2020 and 2030, the number of React Developer jobs is expected to grow by 667,600. The positions showing rapid growth in this field include Software Developers, Quality Assurance Analysts, and Testers. Demonstrate why you are worth the salary you consider fair compensation for your skillset. We have the perfect 100% remote job opportunities for those looking to start their telecommuting career. You can manage your ‘Saved’ and ‘Not Interested’ jobs from the jobs section of your dashboard.

Front-End Developer (Remote)

As we are already aware, React JS is one of the most popular frameworks in the market since some of the leading IT companies are relying on this library to power their businesses. The core reason why many companies are favoring React frameworks is down to the fact that these libraries allow them to develop scalable and easy-to-maintain systems. This translates to high demand for skilled professionals and explains React developer salaries’ competitiveness. Dice predicts salary ranges based on the job title, location, and skills listed in individual job descriptions.

front end react engineer

Phil started his career as a software engineer but quickly discovered that his true passion centered around product management. Over the course of his career, he’s successfully occupied a variety of roles across product and engineering—managing teams of up to 12 people and three different SaaS products from idea through launch. In the United States, the average salary for a React developer is $108,175 or $52 an hour. This data was collected from ZipRecruiter which compiles information from employer job posting and other third-party sources.

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A React developer is a software engineering professional that designs and implements consumer-facing features for websites and applications using either React JS or React Native frameworks. We’re building our next generation cloud operation platform that focuses on bringing accountability to cloud resources and the teams that manage them. Our front-end team uses libraries such as React and Redux Toolkit to build dynamic and performant experiences that provide visibility, insight, and assessment of client cloud environments. In order to continue to scale our fast-growing company, we are seeking a Senior Front End React Engineer (React/NextJS) who has a passion for front end web development.

Abdelhamid is a former GitHub professional software engineer with 13+ years of experience and a master’s degree and PhD in computer science and engineering. He also worked in executive and leadership positions for different small and medium startups. Abdelhamid’s specialties include JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, Python, REST API, GraphQL, Redis, NoSQL, SQL, React, Next.js, microservices, CI/CD, and cloud services.

Front-End Developer (React)

Glassdoor is without a doubt one of the top platforms when it comes to finding jobs as well as assessing an employer’s suitability for your needs. Apart from aiding you to find the right job, it also provides a highly granular salary calculator that can allow you to refine searches based on job title and experience, just to name a few. In addition, with Glassdoor, you also get information about the high and low projections of what you expect to earn. Based on the data available, the React developer base salary ranges between $52,000 and $121,000.

  • Scale your engineering team quickly and effectively with talented and committed developers.
  • 4+ years of experience with React library (Class Components + Functional Components with Hooks).
  • Join a Facebook Group specifically aimed at React users and see if there’s anyone that stands out.
  • To evaluate the average annual salary for React Developers in the US, we checked the base income for Front End developers.
  • Software testing tools – A good working knowledge in testing code using Mocha, Jest, Unit-tests, TDD, Karma, VCS, and Selenium .
  • This meant that the development process took longer with more room for errors and bugs.

This sample job description for React.js developers will help you write the perfect job ad and assure that you easily find and hire the person that matches your specific criteria. Though it may come as a surprise, software engineering and writing go hand-in-hand. Keep in mind that React itself has its own knowledge base with many tools and gizmos that your developers will need to know to use the library optimally. React developers should have mastery of these skills before they even begin to implement React into their front-end development projects. According to Neuvoo, the average React Developer salary in the US is $121,992 per year (roughly $62.56/hour).

Frontend Developer

Offshore Outsourcing – If you don’t want to go through all the hassle of the recruitment process, we can help you. Full Scale is a Kansas-based offshore software development company that takes a holistic approach to match our clients to the best software experts. In a nutshell, a React developer designs and implements user-facing features for websites and applications using React.js. Congwen is a dedicated web developer specializing in developing full-stack web applications using practical frameworks. A good solution to Congwen usually requires a dose of creativity that requires more effort to adapt and perfect.

front end react engineer

To understand what a React developer is, you must first know what React is. React is an open-source technology, owing its initial release to Facebook who maintains React along with a passionate community of developers. PlayStation also strives to create an inclusive environment that empowers employees and embraces diversity. We welcome and encourage everyone who has a passion and curiosity for innovation, technology, and play to explore our open positions and join our growing global team. PlayStation isn’t just the Best Place to Play — it’s also the Best Place to Work.

The experience level is a testament to the skills and expertise you bring to the table. For this reason, senior React developers tend to command salaries on the higher end of the scale compared to junior or entry-level React developers. Dice’s predictive salary model is a proprietary machine-learning algorithm. The model does this by recognizing patterns in the more than 600,000 salary data Front end React Engineer job points to infer how much each factor – job title, location, experience, education, and skills – will impact the salary. They are known as front-end developers, a sub-group of developers that manage everything that users see on their web browsers or applications. In other words, they are responsible for the look and feel of a website or application to ensure a seamless experience for users.

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