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Arthur’s day job is dressing up as a clown for hire, doing birthday parties, promotional gigs, hospital visits, and the like. But he and his mother are just scraping by, and his therapy sessions and medications soon fall victim to city-wide budget cuts. The only light in his dismal life is a young single mother in his building named Sophie (Zazie Beetz), with whom he is secretly smitten. Batman #135 by Chip Zdarsky, Mike Hawthorne, Jorge Jimenez, Mikel Janin, and Adriana Di Benedetto, demonstrates the kind of shocking destruction a “sane” Joker is capable of doing. While trapped in a universe without Batman, Bruce Wayne comes into contact with Darwin Halliday, the same man who would have become the Joker, but never did due to the lack of Batman. Halliday craves nothing more than to witness the moment Joker is born, so his mind can be fractured in the same way and he can go insane.

  • The mount – an archival foam core – creates depth too, by casting a shadow beneath the artwork.
  • But then the first trailer dropped and I found myself intrigued because it really did look like a unique take on the character.
  • He either strives for attention from any dumb bastard that will listen, or he enjoys giving me and the rest of these lowlifes in this class a fucking migraine headache.
  • Many of the pieces at Smolensky Gallery have the option to add a hand-crafted frame.
  • Free shipping is 5-7 business days with United States Postal Service.

Box framing is provided with all our online framing, creating a distance between the glass and your artwork, so no risk of ink transfer to the pane. It’s the perfect, gallery grade choice for limited edition prints or original artworks.Shadow float mounting is an option at our website, to give the appearance of an artwork floating within the frame. The mount – an archival foam core – creates depth too, by casting a shadow beneath the artwork. We highly recommend using a float mount when framing artwork with deckled (hand-torn) edges.As always, all our materials are sustainable and archival to keep your artwork in mint condition and perfectly presented.

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He realizes his purpose isn’t to become the Joker, it’s to create Jokers. To this end Halliday starts traveling through the multiverse, creating Jokers as he goes. But the most important thing about this revelation is that both Halliday and more interestingly, Batman believe Halliday is a sane version of the Joker. Our experts will cut, join and assemble each frame by hand to the exact dimensions of your artwork, creating your perfect finished work of art, ready to hang on your wall. Urban Art has its roots in Street Art and began in the main cities.

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He either strives for attention from any dumb bastard that will listen, or he enjoys giving me and the rest of these lowlifes in this class a fucking migraine headache. Then we have this bitch sitting next to me, who not only reeks worse than the fucking plague, but is entranced in zombie land. Her fucking methadone prescription takes her out of reality and into a god damn coma 24 hours a day. Our headbands are proudly handmade in the USA and we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

The repeated puncturing of his fragile illusions ultimately drives Arthur over the edge, particularly since he is no longer taking his medications. His violent outbursts start out as self-defense, then shift into revenge against those who ridiculed and humiliated him—until he finally succumbs completely to madness, igniting riots throughout Gotham City in the process. Part of what makes the Joker one of the most dangerous criminals in the DC Universe is how insane he is, but recently DC revealed that the only thing more dangerous than an insane Joker is a perfectly sane one. Alternatively, for added piece of mind, we’ve the option of gallery grade cast acrylic, offering superb clarity and protection. As soon as you realize you’re ready to take risks, move on to a serious game. Participate in promotions and bonuses of the casino to get free spins and interest on the deposit.

It probably began with graffiti which years ago was looked upon has defacing public property and frowned upon. There is a much more lenient view these days and many of the graffiti artists of today have become famous like Banksy. Often Urban art makes a statement about our society or things that are happening in our world. Urban art covers a broad spectrum of work and these days is highly collectable. The rules of the slot machine Joker Madness (Spinomenal) from Spinomenal are so simple that even beginners can play it.

These framed pieces have been created in the vintage pop art style of the ’50s an ’60s, to bring a unique look to your favorite space. Phillips cited Martin Scorsese films like Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and The King of Comedy among his influences when developing Joker, and Scorsese even served as co-producer during development before departing the project to focus on The Irishman. I actually forgot I was watching an origin story about a comic book villain—that’s how raw the film can be, particularly in its depiction of the sociopolitical turmoil of the early 1980s. The Urban artist Dirty Hans has had exhibitions in London, Antwerp, Brussels, Toronto, Paris, Berlin and Miami amongst others and he has become very popular. His work sells for a great deal of money and most of his shows sell out.